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About Us

EnterTRAIN Interactive Pty Ltd was established in 1987 and has been at the cutting edge of Industrial Training for more than 25 years.

EnterTRAIN has been supplying training products and services to the Iron & Steel, Oil & Gas, Refining, Chemical, Manufacturing, Railway, Water Treatment, Electrical Generation & Distribution, Boiler & Steam Systems sectors, including HSE and much more.

E-Teaching Systems

EnterTRAIN has many years experience developing company specific Interactive Plant Teaching Systems, customized Computer Based Teaching, Simulations and Assessment Systems, 3D Field Activity Simulators, Trainee Tracking & Recording Systems, Plant Information Systems, and much more.


Having a company specific E-Teaching System based on real processes, equipment and procedures makes training relevant, attractive and beneficial to the company and all employees.

An EnterTRAIN customized E-Teaching System can teach your processes, equipment and procedures with minimal or no instructor support.

Consultancy Services

EnterTRAIN can work with your organization to set up and run training centers, assisting with Competency Standards, Competency Check-lists, Competency Matrix, Equipment, Learning Management Systems, Computer Based Teaching, Simulation and Assessment Systems, etc.

Product Demonstrations

Please contact EnterTRAIN at entertrainer@entertrainer.net for samples of Products developed by EnterTRAIN. Please supply your name, organisation name and contact phone number and we will reply as soon as possible. Thank you!

Global Corporations

Over the years EnterTRAIN has developed and delivered many customized E-Teaching Systems to Global Corporations.


EnterTRAIN Interactive Pty Ltd
Suite 5, 400 High Street Kew, Victoria, AUSTRALIA 3101
Telephone: +613 9853 4777 Fax: +613 9853 6444

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